Salt and pepper, Macaroni and Cheese and Fish and Chips. Some things were just meant to go together. But, there is one perfect combination that most people don’t know about. And this combination actually makes sense. It combines the two staples of cuisine that the Japanese are obsessive about – Green Tea and Rice.

Genmaicha is a traditional Japanese green tea. Our distinctive blend of Japanese Genmaicha green tea with toasted and puffed brown rice is at once sweet and toasty. Its vegetal notes highlight the Japanese steaming process and the brown rice puts forward sweet nutty flavors.

Just like many of the worlds’ greatest foods, Genmaicha was created so the working class of Japan could afford tea. People would add toasted brown rice to whatever green tea they could afford to buy. What they created was almost a fusion of flavors that melded into a unique and delicious flavor.

Our Genmaicha green tea pairs well with most Asian cuisine. Seafood, your favorite grilled bread and roasted veggies. It’s also perfect with fruit for an afternoon snack.

So now you have the lowdown on our Genmaicha you can tell your friends and family about it next time you brew a cup with them.

genmaicha tea bag