The Goodness of Matcha Green Tea Health and diet fads are always changing! Everyday something new comes up in the market and the world seems to go crazy! Health being the greatest asset, it’s no surprise that health fads create such an uproar.

Matcha Green Tea seems to be the new wave that has hit the world, and how! What’s great is that Matcha Green Tea is not just ‘any health fad’ but one that has deep roots and offers multiple benefits and advantages.

For centuries now it has been widely popular and consumed in Japan, Matcha has reached every corner of the world today. Let’s take a detailed look at the origins of this wonderful and healthy tea. Firstly, what is Matcha? It’s a fine ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea.

The plant is first shade grown for about three weeks before being harvested and then the stems and veins are removed before processing it. In Japanese language, ‘cha’ means tea and ‘ma’ means powdered thus literally translated as powdered tea. Origin of Matcha Contrary to popular belief that Matcha originated in japan, it actually originated in the Wei-Jin period (220-559 AD) in China during the development of the Tang dynasty (618-907 AD) and also in the Song dynasty (960-1279 AD). During the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD), green tea powder lost it’s popularity as more and more people shifted their focus to loose tea leafs, wing soup and dumped tea leaves. Later during the Japanese Kamakura Period (1185-13692 AD), the Japanese ‘Rinzai-Zen’ Monks brought back the method of making Green Tea Matcha after a visit to China, and planted the first tea tree in the Uji Mountain (near Kyoto).Emperor Saga tried to encourage the spread of tea by demanding provinces in the Kinki region around Kyoto to grow the plant. He established tea gardens in one district of Kyoto, and started growing and processing it for the use of physicians attached to the court.

This imperial tea, however, found use mostly in rituals performed by the aristocracy; the beverage had yet to become an item for consumption by the common people. The powdered Match Green Tea helped the monks during their meditation and thus it soon became extremely popular in Japan by the 16th Century. After that the popularity only grew wider and soon the powdered green tea also made its way into much of the Japanese food processing.

Today, it is not just limited to Japan but spread across the world and has become a popular cooking ingredient. Apart from that, Matcha Green Tea is considered to be one of the best health and wellness supplement. It is said to have multiple benefits and health advantages. Health and Wellness benefits of Matcha Green Tea – As mentioned earlier, the tea helped monks in their meditation practice; Matcha Green Tea helps increase memory and concentration. It also helps bring in calmness. –

The tea is very high in antioxidants that prevent aging and several chronic diseases. The tea is also beneficial in making the immune system stronger, thus being an overall health supplement. –

For those on a weight loss program, Match Tea is the best supplement as it boosts the metabolism and helps burn calories and fat faster than any other supplement. –

Nourishes the body with vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium and several other minerals and nutrients. –

Matcha green tea greatly reduces the cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels. These are just few of the many health and wellness benefits of the power packed Matcha Green Tea.

A cup of Matcha is said to be the equivalent of 10 cups of brewed green tea! It’s a storehouse of goodness and wellness that gives the body and ming the nourishment it requires to carry on with daily tasks and schedules. Today with so much stress and hectic schedules, it is becoming increasingly important to give extra attention to our health needs. Supplements have become popular as more and more people are looking for solutions to combat health and diet related issues.

Matcha green Tea is one supplement that is more powerful and effective than most supplements available in the market today. The original Matcha tea from the Uji region of Japan is the finest quality Matcha that is unmatched to any other alternative. From the origin till date, no other tea has offered so many health benefits as compared to the Matcha green Tea. It’s popularity only rose as it’s advantages became more and more prominent and well known by the common people.

A cup of Matcha a day is all the supplement you need to maintain your health and live a healthy life. It’s ability to help a person relax and calm is one of it’s greatest advantage that has made it so popular in today’s stressful times. Grab your own cup of Matcha and welcome goodness with every sip!